The Boiler Room – New Zealand Furniture and Art :
Inspired by History
Redesigned for Today

THE BOILER ROOM brings together one of the finest collections of Furniture and Art reworked from New Zealand’s working past.

The Boiler Room offers unique furniture redesigned with a modern aesthetic.

The Boiler Room saves smaller pieces from obscurity and gives them a fresh context in the modern home or workspace.

The Boiler Room designs new signature pieces tailored to support your aesthetic and functional specification

The Boiler Room will design and manufacture a complete fit out for your space.


The Boiler Room combines a desire to create something fresh and worthwhile from found objects incorporating a modern sense of design.

Over  fifteen years ago Susan Haldane and Gary Willis scoured the country for vintage timber and attended plant closures and factory and institutional decommissions that enabled them to accumulate a vast collection of pieces from an age where precision, engineering and craftsmanship were paramount.

Some objects stand full of character and functional as they are:

Most pieces of furniture are now designed and  built from scratch using quality found materials to create something completely new.

Gary Willis has a background in textile, carpet and interior design and was an exhibiting artist in his native South Africa.

His focus for 2015 – 2016 is to bring an art exhibition to Auckland City displaying his visual interpretation of the numerous NZ industrial sites he experienced over the last 16 years.

Susan Haldane has worked predominantly in theatre performing,directing and devising new theatre works with youth.

Susan currently directs Mind Over Manner, an Applied Theatre Company that investigates and celebrates our response to human eccentricity.

Susan is co designer of The Boiler Room and co designer of Union- furniture of Character and Strength.