McKinnleys Shoes Dunedin

Graeme McKinnley sent us some gorgeous little wooden baby shoe lasts.I wish I had kept them but some lucky person has them out there. Cuties. I had no idea they were so rare. Meanwhile I have the childrens shoe lasts and I have kept those. Also Graeme sold us some interesting machine bases from his factory see pics below one of which we used to use as a table base in Blur..The Optometry Fit Out we did in Tauranga.

The manufacturing segment of the footwear industry in New Zealand has had a very rough time of it over the last 30 years. Most of our footwear factories have closed for one reason or another as they were unable to cope with the rapid changes imposed on them or made decisions to concentrate on other segments of the industry such as wholesaling or retailing. To survive required some very hard thinking and a willingness to change and adapt if you wanted to continue making footwear in this country. Those who have done so deserve high praise for their initiative and hard work to achieve success.