Meremere Power Station

The Mere Mere power station was looming impressive rattly and empty.As we went up the high metal stairs we walked past what would have been rows of brightly lit and flashing lights…all turned off.

Steel beams and broken roofing

Gary bought the store room.He came home and told me he had bought the entire storeroom of all the packaged up spare parts…meticulously wrapped .Big springs, old bronze signs,coloured glass and working shapes with so much sculptural possibility.

The power station had been built round the wrong it didnt generate the suns energy. A woman had been contracted to paint it in the 50s so all the colours were striking. Big old boilers and generators and massive electrical control panels in teal blue , yellow and red .

Everything was packaged perfectly and sent over from England.There was beautiful old signage from companies like The English Electric Company and Metropolitan Vickers,  often in bronze or brass. There were so many big sculptural metal machinery pieces .We needed a crane , a big truck and a big scale landscape architect.We just couldnt deal with it visual and going going gone!