Middlemore Hospital

Still in week one of our venturing to places.We had been on the Railways when we got the call back from the Property manager at Middlemore Hospital…”. Meet you in the Boiler House “ on the main site of the hospital.

There was that Boiler Thing mentioned again…The Boiler House….Oh Wow..He slid back that huge sliding  door and there was an overwhelming stack of old hospital equipment and furniture piled 5 high on top of each other….This is when my eye was appreciating and loving this stuff for the first time…Big scale opp shopping..My obsession was 10 fold and growing exponentially…But of course we had to afford this and transport this and also we had to store it…We needed containers all of a sudden..Go the Boiler House. So this became an ongoing place we would go and also The Auckland Hospital. We formed good friendships with the property managers of these hospitals and we would have a good laugh.They liked to see the old items being repurposed for the modern home.