NZ Railways

Huntly and Hamilton

Fourteen years ago..this was…We were in the old theatre van chugging along. This was our first day out looking for cool old stuff. Gary and I love old railways buildings so we pulled over at Huntly. There was a young guy working there…well he was sound asleep on a worn out mattress absolutely covered in years of oil and grime. He was in the corner of the room…having a kip… We asked him if there was any old Railways stuff for sale as we were wanting to make some furniture..showed him a few pics…oh yeah he said, See those two sheds over there….full of stuff.Iʼll just go
phone my boss. Heʼs in Hamilton…Next thing Boss was on his way up and yep we were allowed to look in the sheds…I say EVERYTHING was cool right down ( up ) to the lampshades!.They are in our sitting room now…Loaded up we went on down to the Hamilton Railways…can you imagine.This would never be possible now.Its all gone. We were looking through some old drawer in the old mechanics workshop in Hamilton and found a hand stamped copper tag saying The Boiler Makers workshop!

A bright blue box with no 4 hand painted on it… “What do ya want that for?” the train mechanic was almost suspicious..You have to take your time with these guys..they think youre nuts , then they start to come on board and look at our pics again and laugh at us and then show us the special bits and pieces they have put aside…Finding that mutual respect

The old guy showed us the noticeboards..all boarded up and on the back was the tin harmonica advertisements…Maorilanders Choice

We had one and we were fully loaded up….better than those TV programs in the UK and the States..