Art Exhibition Coming Up

Gary Willis, the artistic director and craftsman  of The Boiler Room will bring his extensive collection of found, intricate and minute objects scoured over the last two decades from the sites of the declining New Zealand workforce .This provocative collection will manifest into an artistic representation of an industrial  world that will, in the very near future , cease to exist.

Gary Willis from The Boiler Room is choosing to shift his capability  to artistically capture the finer aspects of the meticulous intelligence applied in the industrial engineering era.

These modern works will have a historical representation embedded in their structure derived from such industrial sites as  The Auckland Harbour Board, The Queen Street Post Office, Meremere Power Station,The Ngaruwhahia Shoe factory, Printeries, The Sugar Factories, The Auckland Star, Huntly Railways, Napier and Middlemore Hospitals to say but a few,

A visual interpretation of  a specific and virtually extinct industrial methodology and skill base  will be represented in art and sculptural format to depict the factories, institutions and government buildings that are now replaced by technology.

The relationship between the industrial composition and function of machinery, physics and motion and their direct relationship to the spatial dynamics, ratios and workings of  nature and time will be examined.

Artworks will express The world of the workplace, the visual communication codes , the colours and signalling that depict the urgency of messaging  required in an environment of loud machines devoid of the communication of the ordinary spoken word.

The heritage of our pioneering country is disappearing at a rapid rate. In our current world increasingly dominated by technology, the realm of machines, manufacturing and the ” culture of the labouring man” becomes less and less familiar to the new generation.

Already there are many who do not know what The Boiler Room experienced as we travelled throughout New Zealand 16 years ago.Most of this information and knowledge of manufacture has gone.

This  collection will aim to interpret , capture  and reinvent NZ manufacturing culture in a modern artistic context.

These sculptural and crafted artworks will depict the practical excellence of this physical and bygone era.

It will generate an appreciation of the historical industrial scaffold that has enabled us to build the world we live in today.


The Boiler Room chose to leave retail as it no longer supported the viabilty of manufacturing one off designed pieces of furniture.

As a direct mirror  to the factories and workshops their materials and inspiration came from,The Boiler Room also could not find a way to sustain themselves in a world of mass production and cheap factory lines.This however has only resulted in positive outcomes… inspiring The Boiler Room to develop their artistic component further and hone their established skills to produce  artworks of  the highest quality.