Union Billiard Settee

Made To Order

Union  makes Furniture of Character and Strength

Union Furniture is crafted from solid sustainable timber .

It is upholstered with luxurious and hardwearing textiles.

Embroidered by hand.

Union Furniture is designed and manufactured in New Zealand

Each settee is bespoke and tells a story of New Zealand

The original billiard settee design originates from The Wanganui  Gentlemans Club

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Sustainably harvested Southern Beech Timber Frame

Upholstery hemp

Bronze Plated Zinc Buttons

Oil Paint and Waxed Thread on Front Banner

Cotton and Silk Applique details on back

2400 mm length

850 mm height

850 mm deep

Seat height 360 mm

Price $10 900.00

Royal Grit

Sustainably Harvested Southern beech Frame

High Quality Pull Up leather

Bronze Plated zinc buttons

Oil Paint

2400 mm length

850 mm height

850 mm depth

360 mm seat height

Price $12 800.00